So, “Murder, She Wrote” came out on Blu-ray

If there’s one stupid fact to know about me then it’s that I love “Murder, She Wrote”.

Yes, I know

Yes, that “Murder, She Wrote”. The one with Angela Lansbury (except when it wasn’t). The one that ran from 1984 to 1996. Then they made four TV movies until 2003 (two of them actually good). The one with a “Magnum, PI” crossover. The one with two point-and-click games (that I own). The one with a number of novels already published (counting somewhere in the nineties I think and more being written).

Yes, “Murder, She Wrote”.

Yes, really

I completely missed that they’ve pushed out the first season on Blu-ray here in the UK until a friend pointed it out. So of course I’m here to show you what it looks like. No, really, I watched the pilot “The Murder of Sherlock Holmes” both in HD and SD and took some screenshots. Now you lucky people can learn all about it. Continue reading

Munin custom email notifications

I’ve been using Munin for myself to replace Cacti and been generally liking it. As someone who has used Cacti for a long time I never seem to get my head around it totally. Something would go wrong and it would never be easy for me to find out just what was failing as I thought it should be. But really what I liked was the ability to send me some email alerts. My monitoring needs are not grandiose so this was fine for me. Except the default email alerts aren’t the easiest to read, but they are short.

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Fun with KVM on Squeeze

Have recently received a server from a friend which I’m going to be using to replace my existing one. It’s currently running a handful of virtual hosts with Xen using paravirtualisation. The new server has hardware virtualisation so I thought I would try KVM as it seems more in vogue these days. There is a useful KVM/Debian Squeeze Howto on which gave me a good grounding on most things.

It seems quite good so far, but not without some minor issues.

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