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Acronym overload: Migrating Xen PVM hosts to KVM HVM hosts

I have a server I’ve been using which does not haveĀ  hardware virtualisaton (HVM). On this I’ve been using Xen paravirtualisation (PVM). This is all well and good, except the server is approaching six years old and I’ve a shiney new server that does support HVM that I’d like to use.

Warning: Acronym overload ahead…

Given that the virtual machines (VM), in Xen parlance these are known as DomU, are not going to change I thought it easier to try and migrate the hosts over one by one.

They are all running Debian, though not all the same version nor the same architecture (i386/amd64). Some are running Lenny rather than Squeeze and I don’t want to force myself to upgrade just yet.

The plan of action. This is a plan, not exact details. I’ll probably add them in blow

I expect to add a more detailed description on this later.

Posted by on Thursday 8th December 2011.

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